French liberation day

field flowers

On this day, May 8, the French celebrate their liberation of the end of World War 2.

Travelling through this country you will find a lot of memorials in the villages for the war victims, but they are mostly the victims of the 1st World War, which cost a lot of French citizen’s lives.

The French are very strong at remembering and honoring their heroes which is part of the patrimony. It is also the beginning of the real pre-summer period. One week to go for possible night frost and then the summer starts full scale.

In nature the birds are singing away their tunes, the trees are dressed in fresh greens, the broom is starting to scent and the field flowers are almost at their peak. Grass is growing so fast you can almost hear it crackle.

A couple more days and the first harvest of the winter grass will be started after which a lot of the fields will be prepared for the sunflowers and their seeds.

There is so much anticipation in the air you can almost feel it as electrical charge. The quality of this anticipation is of a special nature: it is without expectation of a specific outcome. It is plainly the joy of evolution and growth, of pure naked natural power…..


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  1. eenvoud geeft deze bloem weer

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