Today I want to share with you some insights that I had.

Reading a Dutch women’s magazine, which was presented to me by family members during a festive get together, there was this article about being undervalued when having an introverted personality compared to persons with a more  extraverted character nowadays. My conclusion after reading this article was that I am an introverted person as well!

Most of the characteristics I recognize within myself as being dominant are of an introverted nature, although I might have some extraverted tendencies as well .

Then I looked at what this means in relation to my travel adventure as described on this blog and the conclusion is that I do cater to specifically the needs of other introverted people.

Next question was: is this bad or good, commercially speaking. Of course it is neither.It is just a matter of what feels more comfortable to myself! So I need to counteract the feeling-aspect of being undervalued, especially in my own mindset.

So here goes my statement:

The journey of the rose is an experience for all women, whether they are ‘intro’ or ‘extra’.

As in the picture above the movement of going inside before coming out, like in ‘walking a labyrinth’ is a natural occurrence which sometimes is done reversed. It is all about the experience of being whole.

At times you need to go inside for the answers and at other times you will find the answers outside.

Life is like a labyrinth: an ongoing movement from going within to going without, and back.

Like all cycles: there is no beginning and no end. This particular person starts from inside and the next one from outside. Our aim is to go it all the way: to go outside when you are introverted and to dare to go inside when you are extraverted.

Becoming whole is the experience and we can only have this, once we take the first step! Whichever way ….


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