Peace of Mind

Today’s post is about the quality of existence that is so necessary for having a balanced life: peace of mind!

As expressed in the above picture: muddy waters turn to clear waters in time and give opportunity for flowering.

We should give ourselves time and space to turn our muddy waters of disturbing emotions into the clear waters that give rise to the most beautiful blooms of the mind. Clarity on what is our destiny, what is our drive, what it is that we want to achieve.

Making obvious what the passion is that really sets us on fire and for which no energy is needed to do it. The passion that generates energy and joy. Especially in these days when everything starts to look more grim all the time. When uncertainty is playing boss over our state of well being.

We need this peace of mind to be able to deal with all the changes that are coming our way, whether we are aware of them or not, we all notice that ‘things’ are not the same anymore!

Offering a sanctuary as in the picture is a small contribution to realizing the right set-up for getting into a state of peace of mind.

Enjoy ….. generating nice thoughts ….


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  1. This is so true. Peace of mind is a necessity!

  2. France Choa

    I can’t imagine these trips would not interest many people.

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