Welcome to today’s post, about the well known medieval city of Carcassonne.

In our part of France, the South West, there is an enormous amount of medieval buildings and ruins available for the public but none of them is so intimately recognised as Carcassonne’s La Cite.

We all have seen an image of this medieval city at least once in our life time.

It happens to be one of the most favorite travel destinations of the tours and the guided day visits that are being organized through this website. People connect to the past very easily by means of this city and although it is quite a tourist destination it continues to hold on to it’s charm. A visit of the castle with its famous ramparts is really worth the while as well as the basilica, a little further down the road, next to the well known castle hotel.

Being in an atmosphere of so many hundred years of human life within the confinements of these walls and knowing a little of the need for feeling secure behind those impressive structures during the middle ages, builds a sense of connection with our past.  It also makes you realize how much you take your own freedom of moving around and going places is taken for granted. Free to go and see and experience….


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