Rennes le Chateau

Rennes le Chateau

Above picture was taken yesterday, Sunday June 10, 2012 from a vintage point between Rennes le Chateau and Coustaussa (one of the so called Cathar Castles). This mountain top village is quite famous although very small in size. Why is it famous? Because it is said to hold a mystery that has to do with the Holy Graal stories, with treasures, with the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is also used as a location in the book and movie of the Da Vinci Code.

Of course it is one of the destinations that is in my guide itinerary as well and there is a lot to be shared about this intriguing small town, perched high on top of it’s hill. For anybody visiting this area it is really “a must” if not for the history and the mystery it would be for the beautiful views one has over this part of the Haute Vallee,  onto the Corbieres with the Pyrenees as the backdrop.

Driving in this land of the Cathars always feels like a privilege; a connection of past and future in the current moment. A triangle of time almost. Nature is present, history is past and possibilities are future.

A great place to be, if only for a short time. My greatest pleasure is to share this with anybody who is ready for an adventure and who wants the taste of this present in all it’s aspects: hospitality, good and honest food (grown locally), and scenes of a stunning beauty. So much to explore, so many things still to find….!


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