water sprouts in Campagne les Bains

The other day, we paid tribute to some of the ‘tucked away in the hills’ finds in the area around Puilaurens and on our way back we made s short stop in a hamlet by the name of Campagne les Bains.

As the name already indicates: it used to be a place where there are sources with healing waters. These waters, as you may see in the picture, contain iron and it tastes as such. It is very refreshing. What is special about this source is that it is ejecting from 2 ducts and it is said to be a male jet and a female jet, thereby making the stoop underneath very Whole!

Behind these jets there are 2 caves that regularly serve as waterways by all signs of it, but which were dry when we were there last Saturday.

In this beautiful area in the Aude, there are many of such finds and hidden treasures, waiting to be appreciated by visitors who can value these ancient signs of nature, indicating that this is a good place to be.

I have a strong wish to share with you whatever I have been allowed to find and to guide you to these treasures…

Let’s go out and find more …..


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