Op top of Bugarach

One of the hot topics with respect to the so-called End of the World happening, which is foreseen for December 21, 2012 is the mountain that I have chosen for today’s blog.

The famous Mount Bugarach, close to the medieval village with the same name. This village and mountain are featuring in all kinds of documentaries and films and can be found on the internet on a lot of pages and sites.

Personally I am nog going to add anything to that which is already described umpty times.

My aim is to show you that you can, with some effort, reach the top of this magnificent hilltop from which you have a glorious overview of the whole area. It is with awe that you will look around you 360 degrees and spotting the mediterranean sea in the distance on a clear day. The vastness of the hill side, the little villages tucked away in their valleys and the feeling of freedom and accomplishment when being up there make all the effort just into a regular work-out. You will need the basic equipment before starting on this climb like good shoes, water , some food and a windbreaker because the weather can change rapidly, but hauling all of this with you is really worth the while. You will be granted one of the most magical moments of your life…..


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