Alet les Bains

view on church tower through cathedral ruin’s window

August 13, 2012

Yesterday, Sunday August 12, the above picture was taken at the end of the day (you can see the time on the church clock) when visiting the ruins of the medieval cathedral at Alet les Bains.

My client and I had been in and around the area of Quillan, first visiting the famous Sunday market at Esperaza. After that we had continued to the area named the Fenouillet to look for a special church dedicated to St. Anne, grandmother of Jesus. We happened to be lucky enough to find the church open and we were even allowed to go up to the top of the tower from where we had a wonderful view over the area. After lunch we went on to Alet les Bains where we visited the Angel Gallery and then did some research at the site of the ruins of the cathedral and the village itself.

Time and again the ruins release more information almost as if the stones want you to come back so that you can find out more about the place. I was able to find some beautiful stone carvings which I had not noticed before but did this time, maybe because of the light (inner or outer, who knows). For my client it was a glorious day in which what we experienced made a lot of sense and I am always happy to share the gifts of Cathar country


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