Tree of Life

Cross with Tree of Life

August 30, 2012

by: rose marie

During one of my tours this month, we visited a remotely located and very much treasured small church in the area. One of the features of this church is the cross with the Tree of Life, outside in the church yard, just at the back of the altar on the inside! This specific cross is in my humble opinion indicative of what the meaning is of the cross.

It is not the horrifying presentation of a beaten-up person, hung by his wrists and slumping down on too small a foot stand. A cross is the power of life on earth to be embraced with open arms, represented in the horizontal part, and the continuous connection from earth to sky with the life giving energies, represented in de vertical bar. A cross, in my perception, is the unification of the offering and the receiving.

The natural energies in life, the charge that makes life go on, are running through this sign, although we have been misled to believe that the cross is a reminder that life is supposed to be lived to suffer.

Nothing is further from the Truth.

Life is meant to be lived as a Gift.

A ‘present’ that is renewing itself every moment of every day and which is full of possibilities.

Once you have found clarity in this change of belief, your world will change too and your heart will beat with excitement of all the options that will present themselves…. enjoy ….


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