Chateau d’Arques

Date: 25 September 2012

Today’s subject is the famous Chateau d’Arques, a donjon just to be found outside of the medieval village of Arques, hometown of writer and connoisseur of the Cathar history Deodat Roche who has a museum named after him in the center of the village.

In the direct neighborhood of this castle we have quite a number of ruins and other memorabilia indicative of the Cathar history and of history long before that. Mentioning Rennes le Chateau as just one of them.

There are many stories, mysteries and heresy’s alive and well in this area full of standing stones, little rivers with auspicious names, chapels and churches dedicated to Mary Magdalene and so forth.

This area is really worth an extensive exploration and learning about all that is said about it resonates more often than not within something that each of us is (un)consciously familiar with. There is this ‘knowledge’ that comes from the pit of our belly that wants to express: I have known this all along!!!

There where we are all part of the past, the present and the future at the same time. You can feel it when being in this land: Pays Cathares…. come and join me on these explorations ….


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