Basic journey info

Welcome to Journey for Women, the travel expression of House of the Rose.

This travel experience has grown naturally and organically from being in the South-West of France, better known as Cathar Country, in the Languedoc-Rousillon.

Chateau d’Arques

What is this travel experience about? It is meant to cater to single woman who oftentimes are looking for a suitable and at the same time convivial destination that has the potential of being personalized. Even so much so, that it will suit their “mood of the day”! It takes a woman to understand this need!

On the page Definitions I have explained how I got to the name giving of my enterprise. An interesting read!

Furthermore on the page Philosophy I explain what the thoughts are behind this travel experience. What was the trigger to come up with this beautiful opportunity.

Cathar Symbol in Minerve

Now back to what I call the sanctuary formed by the House and the Rose.

We have created a space – the House – which is filled with love – the Rose – and where you can become re-connected with your core qualities.

You will find yourself visualizing what you would be doing if you could choose what to do were there no limits at all, where you can let your imagination work fully while considering this:

if you can imagine it, it can materialize…..

Rennes les Bains

The House of the Rose is offering a “retreat” specifically but not exclusively geared toward women who want to travel alone or who want to “hit the road” but have nobody to accompany them.

The word retreat in the above sentence does not mean that you will be away from the world, but you will be away from the day to day world that you are accustomed to.

You will be entering into a world that is completely different: an environment that is rich, at times even overwhelmingly so, with nature, culture, history, phenomena, mysteries, stories and good healthy produce.

And which happens to be the best kept secret in France…..

Besides organizing simple day trips, which will be discussed together and which have a fixed price based on the nature of the trip (generally is around Eur 100), the House of the Rose also offers a complete package for a multiple day stay in Southern France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, a place to “come home to” within yourself and which can be spruced up with exciting elements to complement your personal needs/wishes:

For example:

Do you want to venture out on your own and come back to find your food cooked for you? We will arrange for that.

Do you want a (female) travel companion who is knowledgeable about the area/ region and who is great company? You got it.

Do you want to be taken places and left to have your own private experience? Of course that is possible.

Even per day we can make arrangements that suit your mood or your energy or your drive of the moment.

We will take care of the lodging requirements as per your choice: private room in a Chambre d’Hote (B&B) or staying with us, having your own private bed and bathroom and sharing our living quarters. You choose.

This deal comes with a flexible but reasonable price, depending on your wishes and if so, the chosen activities.

Additionally we can offer “pick up and drop off” at any one of the following airports: Carcassonne (at Eur 50), Toulouse or Perpignan (at Eur 80), Montpellier (at Eur 110).

Included in this journey are:

Boarding (based on your choice of available lodging)

All meals (with exception of alcoholic beverages)

Entrance fees



Food will be as much as possible from biologically acceptable sources.

Are you interested in this format, and would you want to know what it would cost you to come for a certain period of time, then just let me know, what the time frame is, and what you would be interested in and I will figure out a nice plan for you and put a price tag to it.

You can send an e-mail to:, attention rose marie

Let us know what you would be interested in and we will make you an offer you can’t resist!

Payment options can be arranged once we have agreed on time and price.


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