House:  a physical place where you can return to

 House: a group to which you belong

 House: the symbol for safety and security

 House is a place where you can gather and communicate

 House is also the universal symbol of the Divine

 Looking at the above picture of the H of House you will notice that there are two parallel lines that are being joined by a bar that is connecting these lines. Without this joint the lines would never meet……


Rose: the symbol of acquisition of knowledge, of illumination and enlightenment

Rose: the symbol of love

Rose: is identified with the sun in historical worshipping

The Rose was seen in Egypt as the sign of rebirth and possible reincarnation

Rose is also a symbol of secrecy and secret love affairs

These are just some of the meanings that were given to the rose throughout human history. Looking at the rose from a geometrical point of view it is showing us a perfect example of the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean, also known by the symbol Phi (Φ) is a scientific connotation but in practicality it is presented to us as follows:

In the Rose, every petal has its own place and size within the complexity of the flower, thereby giving enough space to the neighboring petals without suffocating itself. Isn’t this a wonderful way to look at Life.

Are you able to visualize a community, great or small, that has this life enhancing quality to it: every member has its rightful place to be able to acquire its full potential not limiting anybody else in acquiring theirs…… Also knowing that the size of the petal is not important because the flower would not be complete without even the smallest of them.


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