My Passion

On this page I would like to share what my passion is.

It is very simple: the combination of sharing this beautiful area and the gift of having people feel that they can come home to their own purpose and power.

The purpose is the purpose in life: your own passion. What is it that you really want to do in this life time; what is it that you can effortlessly do every day, again and again, and which brings joy. The happiness that we all want.

Sometimes we are so caught up in what is expected of us by our parents, our culture, our partners or children. By our boss or colleagues. So much that we really forget what is being done effortlessly and thereby joyfully is what we want.

You will, no doubt, have noticed that when you are doing YOUR thing, you are humming, singing, whistling, smiling and time flies, as we say.

While when doing the things that we call ‘chores’ or ‘have to’s” your heart is not singing and time crawls from one minute to the next.  With a little fine tuning we can also change this into a more joyful activity by just realizing the good feeling it generates when it is finished and done well. Since you have to do it anyways you might do it with gest as well. Being aware of that in itself already generates more fun.

The power comes in when you find that there are certain things that you are really good at, that are in demand and which is generated without any force. That is real power. And this power will make you feel more grounded and more mellow. Like the bamboo plant: it is flexible, hollow, can sing and has a very sunny disposition. It can withstand a lot of pressure and maintain its qualities while doing that.

In my travel activities I find all of this: the purpose of sharing and the power of the gift. It makes my heart sing and brings a smile to my face.


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