What is it that is calling for organizing this travel product. There is an element of wanting to share. To share something that I personally perceive as a Gift. A gift that enlarges when being shared.

Going back to my description of House and Rose in the Definitions page I wish to put up the next hypothetical question:

Are you able to visualize a community, great or small, that has this life enhancing quality to it: every member has its rightful place to be able to acquire its full potential not limiting anybody else in acquiring theirs……?

And knowing that the size of the petal in the Rose is not important because the flower would not be complete without even the smallest of them raises the next questions:

Would this not be something that you would want to achieve right now for yourself and your family/community?

Wouldn’t this be something worthwhile to work for?

With the combination of the ingredients of House and Rose we have created the opportunity to provide anybody in need of a re-start, an inner make-over or just some peace and quiet, with a sanctuary where they can “work” on their own full Potential and where they can give Re-birth to their unique and personal Gift to this world. Because if you are not living your full potential you will not be able to help somebody else achieve their full potential.

Look at the following analogy: every time you board a flight the crew runs through the safety procedures. There is one about the ‘dropping pressure in the cabin and oxygen masks falling from the overhead panels’ which serves as a good example: you first have to put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs.

This is a very useful reference for everyday life: make sure that you are in good shape before helping others, otherwise you are only draining yourself.


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