the color of spring

June has just started and the picture in this post was taken about 2 weeks ago. On a very sunny and clear day.

A poppy field along the river Aude close to Limoux, the center of the Haute Vallee de l’Aude.

Everytime I pass by a natural phenomenon like this, and I combine the words to describe what I see, I always want to make connections with what it does to me on a deeper level, besides just noticing the beauty of it.

This spectacular outburst of deep and inspiring red is bringing up only one word: LIFE.

To me this field represents the unabashed quality of life at a spot that is uncommon. It is like the “against all odds” kind of life, seeing that these flowers grow on a piece of land that used to be the dump place for broken roof tiles.

It is an indication that the flow (flowers) of life will grow anyway, in spite of the circumstances; the poppies just deal with that fact and ‘do their thing’.

Pondering over this thought, we can draw our own conclusions about human life. Seeing how some of us have to make a living under conditions that are beyond belief, and are still able to make it work, just commands respect.

You cannot stop the current of a stream: the flow will go and leave the obstacles behind … what a nice thought.


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  1. I like your line of thought! Really, people should start seeing and appreciating things more deeply. Life is beautiful, and so is this blog post!

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